About Us

Our family has been growing and selling strawberries for three generations. As the business has grown over the decades our family continues to remain hands on with every aspect of the business from growing, packing and selling of the fruit. We pride ourselves on our friendly persona and have built an industry reputation not only for producing quality strawberries but for our reliability and honesty.

Today we have farms in both Victoria and Queensland allowing ASD to produce strawberries almost all year round. Further to our own farms we have built strong and strategic supply partnerships with other growers. Our partnerships with other growers have positioned ASD to pack over 1 million trays of strawberries for market each year.

On the family farm in Wandin Victoria ASD grow in excess 1,800,000 million strawberry plants. Varieties grown include Tallara and the new variety Albion which is a super juicy and sweet tasting strawberry. ASD is always working closely with the Strawberry breeders in Victoria and California to develop new varieties that have superior firmness, colour, shape and flavour.

Apart from our farms ASD also has a presence in the Melbourne Wholesale Market from where Melbourne's independent retailers purchase our products. In Sydney and Brisbane we utilise the services of a wholesale agent who acts on our behalf to sell our fruit.

From servicing independent retail at wholesaler markets to our direct supply relationships with Australia's supermarket chains we are ensuring consumers have regular access to our great tasting strawberries.

Lookout for the ASD logo on strawberry punnets next time you shop for your fresh produce and you can be assured you are buying a premium product that is 100% Australian grown and owned - you can't get better than that!